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Group Philosophy

Modern Mama respects each person's unique pathway through pregnancy, labor, postpartum, and raising a family. Please join us and share your experiences, knowledge, and personal perspective. Please honor others' choices and make connections with an open heart and mind. We have so much to learn from one another and so much to celebrate in our differences! 

Please Register

Registering for classes and meet ups is important so that we may directly communicate any changes made. You will be notified via the registration system should a class or meet up be canceled. Classes and meet ups need at least 2 registrants by 24 hours prior in order for the group to run. Classes or meet ups may be canceled last minute if the facilitator is called to a birth; we will give as much notice as possible! 

Childbirth Education: Prepared Home Birth

Taught by Emily Bowler & Maria Caudle

$200 / pair

Our one day 8 hour course focuses on contextualizing birth as a normal physiologic process that has emotional, social, and spiritual importance. We prepare clients and their birthing partners by reviewing the physiology of labor and birth, as well as discussing the many variations of normal labor in recognition that every birth experience is unique. Attendees develop confidence in their bodies and the process, and the class learns strategies for managing pain and staying relaxed and calm through labor and birth. Partners are active participants and learn ways to support the laboring person both physically and emotionally. Birth videos, activities, hands on practice, and discussion are all a part of our day together, and you will leave the class with a folder of valuable resources, notes, and tips. 


Visit the 'Register​' tab for specific times and to let us know you're coming!

Childbirth Education: Refresh for Number 2+

Taught by Emily Bowler

$80 / pair

Having a baby beyond your first is a totally different experience!  Whether you want a refresh on the stages of labor and comfort measures, or you want to learn about how things may be different this time around (and importantly, when to head to the hospital or birth center), this 3 hour class will help you feel prepared for the entrance of your new family member.

Visit the 'Register' tab for specific times and to let us know you're coming!

Childbirth Education: A Partner Workshop for Labor and Birth

Taught by Ece Yildirim, LAc, of New Moon Acupuncture and Sierra Holland of  All Bodies Birth

$70 / pair

For this workshop you'll be learning how to have your support person(s) - spouse, partner, family member, friend or doula - help you through the process of labor and birth. This includes the weeks leading up to birth and the transition into your fourth trimester. Our tools will include techniques to prime your body for birth, various laboring positions, learning accurate and effective use of acupressure to help ease pain and reduce delays in the progression of labor, and more.

Register here.

More is on the way! 


New classes and meet ups are in development! Come back soon to find out more about...​

  • Nutrition for Fertility and Pregnancy taught by Molly Geisler 

  • VBAC Childbirth Ed taught by Susanna Mauzy

  • Queer Parents Group led by Emily Bowler, Sierra Holland, and Emma O'Brien

Please note, due to Covid-19, classes and meet up groups are canceled until further notice.

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