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Consulting & Virtual Doula Services


Emily offers consulting and virtual doula services for families seeking an added layer of support through pregnancy, labor, and the postpartum, but not necessarily in-person labor support.  She is available for her clients through pregnancy to help them navigate common choices and discomforts, and to connect them with invaluable resources.  In her third trimester appointments with clients, she helps expectant families clarify preferences for labor, develop birth plans, and prepare for nursing and the postpartum. Clients learn about hospital protocols, how to avoid common pitfalls, and tips for a self-advocacy. 

On the day of labor, Emily is in close contact by phone to answer questions, provide ideas for comfort and keeping a labor on track, and help decide when to head to the hospital or birth center. While in the hospital, Emily will continue to be in touch with ideas and to be a sounding board and source of information for labor decision-making points.

In the postpartum, Emily meets with clients one or two times, depending on their needs.  These meetings can cover a variety of topics, including newborn care questions, lactation support, strategies for sleep or healing after the birth, birth processing, and much more!  Often when people are discharged from the hospital, no one is checking in with the birthing parent for 6 weeks; Emily's support helps to bridge this gap, and she is happy to connect you with other amazing resources along the way.  

Does this all sound great but you were hoping for in-person labor support?  Emily's birth doula services or mentored doula services gives you all the same perks along with in-person labor support, and can meet a variety of budgets.  

Please reach out for more information! 

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