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 Birth Doula Services

Description of Services

Emily is an experienced labor doula who is passionate about supporting clients' unique needs in the prenatal, intrapartum, and postpartum periods. Different families hire doulas for different reasons, and Emily tailors her support to fit a client's specific needs. Emily is most interested in supporting her clients' informed decision-making process, whether it be about pain relief options for labor, choosing or declining hospital interventions, or options for natural or medical induction of labor. When clients are active participants in their care they are more likely to feel satisfied and empowered by their birth experiences. Pregnancy and labor often have at least one unexpected twist or turn, but with the right support clients will feel confident and calm facing any challenges that come their way.  

In the two prenatal meetings, Emily and her clients make a plan for labor support, review birth preferences, and get to know the comfort measures of choice.  Emily also offers nutritional guidance, discusses breastfeeding and postpartum preparations, as well as ways to prepare your body for a smooth and efficient labor.  

When a client's birthing day arrives, Emily will join them in labor either at home or in the hospital. She will stay through the birthing experience as a physical and emotional support, advocate, and source of knowledge and comfort.  She continues her support through the first hour or two of the immediate postpartum to ensure clients are settled, have had the opportunity to ask any questions they may have, and to support the initiation of breastfeeding.


Emily will also be a source of support in the postpartum.  She is in frequent contact in the first days and plans to see clients for a postpartum visit within the first week back home.  These visits cover lactation support, newborn care, healing after the birth, emotional support, and processing the birth experience.  Emily is happy to offer a second postpartum visit as needed.   

Benefits of a Labor Doula

A birth doula provides emotional, physical, and educational support in the perinatal period.  Having a trusted, knowledgeable, and skilled doula by your side for the birth of your baby offers a great number of benefits.  A 2012 Chochrane review shows that continuous support through labor is correlated with shorter labors, lower rates of pain medication use, and lower rates of c-sections and assisted deliveries. Women who use doulas feel more positively about their birth experiences.  


Our doula services include two prenatal visits, unlimited phone and email support, comfort measures and advocacy through your labor and birth, breastfeeding support, and one or two postpartum visits.  

As a midwife, Emily can offer clinical assessments that are outside the scope of a doula. In the role of a monitrice, she can offer in-home labor support and monitoring to give women the comfort of reassuring information before heading to the hospital. This is often appealing to women wishing to do most of their laboring at home, women planning for a vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC), and first time mothers.

Hiring a Midwife as Your Doula
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