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 Mentored Birth Doula Services

Emily mentors up-and-coming doulas, guiding them to provide professional, top-notch doula support at different levels of experience.  Emily selects doulas-in-training who are an excellent fit in terms of both personality and philosophy to ensure continuity with the Modern Mama name.  The mentoring program allows Modern Mama to connect clients with birth doula services at a wider price point, while giving reassurance that the newer doula will have additional informational guidance and support through the birthing experience. 

Meet our current mentee!

Are you interested in this program as a soon-to-be doula?  Please reach out to Emily directly to get more information and set up an in-person meeting.

The Mentoring Program 
  • For doulas who have completed their doula training but have little to no birth experience, Emily offers a shadowing program with her own clients who are open to sharing their experience with another doula.  

  • For doulas who have attended a handful of births but want close guidance through their early experiences working with their own clients, Emily offers a partnership program where she co-leads prenatal and postpartum appointments and communications, and offers phone guidance through labor to the hired doula.

    • Client Fee: $350-$750

  • For doulas who have moved through the mentoring program, having gained a good amount of birth experience and/or their doula certifications, but are looking for added support and exposure while getting started with their own practices. Emily offers guidance, support, and oversight as needed.

    • Client Fee: $500-$1000

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