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Our Oath of Service

  • We vow to preserve the intrinsic wellness of pregnancy and childbirth and will strive to ensure the safety of client and child.

  • We pledge to recognize, honor and care for the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of person's childbearing experience.

  • We promise to serve clients without prejudice against their age, race, religion, culture, sexual orientation, gender, physical abilities, or socioeconomic background. 

  • We pledge to honor the profession of midwifery by practicing with honesty, respect, humility, justice, and sound ethical action.

  • We promise to champion each person's right to shape their unique birthing experience.

  • We vow to remain devoted to our growth as midwives, through constant expansion and enrichment of our knowledge and experience of pregnancy and birth, and through humble reflection with our peers.

  • We promise to always recognize the limits of our knowledge and experience, and ask for help when exceeded.

  • We vow to be teachers to future generations of midwives and parents.

  • We promise to love and protect the art of midwifery as we would a growing baby.

Because we respect the wisdom of Nature, honor the essential mystery of birth, and value the abiding traditions of Midwifery....

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